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Birdseed Club

         Birdseed Club is a collaborative cooking group for creative folk who love to bake up a storm in the kitchen and thrive on trying new ingredients.

Avocado Shortbread

Avocado Shortbread

Ask yourself:

  1. Have you ever wanted to try baking with original and unique ingredients such as freshly ground mung bean, chick pea or red lentil flours?
  2. How about using tofu to make cheezecake?
  3. Have you ever throught of using avocado to make shortbread?
  4. How might red bean flour work to make a delush pie pastry?
  5. What about sprouted grains in breads, cakes and savoury dishes?
  6. You’ve heard of Aqua-faba, but you’re not really sure where to start or how to use it?
  7. Are you interested in learning more about gluten free breads and baked goods, but not sure how to start?
  8. Do you fancy having a failsafe, go-to, scrumptious allergy specific cake in your repertoire for any occasion?
  9. Do you want to learn how to substitute ingredients and change recipes to suit your dietary needs?
  10. Do you want to contribute your ideas and recipes to a collective experimental baking group and learn from others’ kitchen adventures?

    THEN….Birdseed Club might be for you.


Chocolate Tofu Cake

As a member of Birdseed Club:

  1. You’ll receive a packet mix to make into a delicious tweet, using the focus ingredient for that month. Each month Birdseed Club will focus on a particular grain, seed or ingredient that you might have heard of, but not sure how to use it in your cooking.
  2. You’ll receive a beautifully presented, collectable recipe card with two alternative recipes (one conventional – one allergy specific, or one savoury – one sweet) for you to try with your monthly ingredient.
  3. Birdseed Club members receive 20% off any Birdseed products: including recipe books, workshop attendance fees, packet mixes and freshly ground flours.
  4. Birdseed Club members receive email notifications of specials, new products and events that Birdseed is presenting, hosting, attending or promoting.
  5. Birdseed Club membership offers great value for money for those who want the chance to use completely unique ingredients, to learn more about the “bird seed” grains and how to use them, learn how to  bake with gluten free grains and create allergy specific tweets!
  6. Birdseed Club subscription is easy to complete and manage, should you change your mind.
Chocolate Lentil Cake

Red Lentil Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Jelly filling and Strawberry-Cashew Frosting

Birdseed Club is an exciting place to experiment, share ideas and thoughts on lesser known and used ingredients, as well as discussing intolerances and allergies. It’s a place to have a go, submit a challenge, share your culinary genius with a recipe of your own, have some fun, and learn a little along the way.

At the moment, I am taking expressions of interest for the Birdseed Club. To express your interest, please email Jennifer using the Enquiries form. 


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