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Millet Waffles

Posted on Jul 18, 2016 in Blog, Breads, Breakfast, FAILSAFE | 0 comments

There is something rather lovely about waffles. They look so fancy and decadent, but in fact, they’re super easy to make. They sing lazy Sunday mornings with fresh fruit, strong warm coffee and crunchy, chewy waffles. Well, that is if you like your waffles crunchy…..isn’t that the age old arguement? Crunchy or soft? How do you like your waffles? When I first got my waffle maker, I HAD.NO.IDEA. I’d never eaten a waffle before, let alone make one. It really was a case of – “well, seen plenty of waffles on instagram….and there’s only so many ways you can bake a batter….so let’s make these babies and see what happens!” And they were terrific. Really yummy. Well, I got the big thumbs up from the Grunkies, and that’s good enough for me. Those girls are a tough crew and always ready with their honest critique on all things Birdseed! I guess you’re wondering why I chose millet. Great question! Well, I could easily have made them with buckwheat or chick pea or brown rice or even quinoa flour….but I LOVE millet. I love the texture that it imparts to baked goods. I love the subtle sweetness and gentle aroma of millet. And bottom-line, I like mixing it up. I like diversifying my exposure and my family’s exposure to different grains. I do feel that if you use one grain 90% of the time in your baked goods, then your dietary approach becomes somewhat mono-grain, and you’re potentially omitting the consumption of important minerals and vitamins and nutritional benefits that another grain might offer. Simply put: mix it up. Spread your dietary net far and wide. Give your body the chance to harvest the nutrients it needs from a range of sources, and then I think you’ll do well and your body will reward you with the health and vitality you crave. So without further waffle (hahahaha! ‘S’cus the pun!). Here’s my MILLET WAFFLE recipe. I do hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think. Birdseed Millet Waffles 150g millet flour 90g tapioca starch 60g glutinous rice flour 1 – 2 Tbsp sugar 1 small Tbsp psyllium husk 1/8 tsp xanthan gum (optional** Please see note) 3 tsp baking powder 1 Tbsp vanilla essence 1/3 tsp salt 300 – 350g mylk/milk of choice Blitz ingredients all together, and cook in your waffle maker until desired crunch or soft is achieved.  You can even cook these babies as a hot cakes. So much fun and goodness to be had and to enjoy! If the mix is too thick (not all xanthan gums have the same viscosity), just add some more liquid until desired pouring consistency is achieved. I like to make something that is similar to a loose hot cake or pikelet mix. Allow your batter to sit for 5 mins until you make the final D. **Millet is a hydrophobic grain – it resists taking in...

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Pear Cashew Carob Banana Cake (FAILSAFE)

Posted on Apr 24, 2016 in FAILSAFE, Sweet Tweets | 0 comments

When you’re on the FAILSAFE diet – there really isn’t a shortage of sweet treats. But good quality, nourishing and satisfying sweet treats that aren’t full of heaps of sugar, are harder to come by. So, I can up with this yummy cake as a way to have my cake and eat it too! And it gave me a chance to get re-acquainted with Aunty Carob. I kinda think that poor ol’ carob gets a bit of a bad rap. Mention “carob” and you get the same response when you mention Caro instead of coffee, chamomile tea instead of Earl Grey, Grapetise instead of Champagne. It’s seen as a sad second to the real thing. It’s the make-do substitute. It’s the stuff you have to eat when chocolate is off them menu. It’s Chocolate’s kinda frumpy, a little serious Aunty with the sensible-district nurse shoes. She might buy you books instead of cool toys for your birthday. She might remind you to mind your manners when you’re out in a cafe. She might feed you healthy, home-made bread spread with an inch of no-salt-no-sugar peanut butter and topped with home-sprouted alfalfa sprouts.  But she’s always got a supply of yummy bikkies in her baking tin. And she’s always got a myriad of great activities planned to do to fill the holidays when you visit. She’s the aunty you go to when you want someone to talk to. She’s the one you turn to when you need someone to listen to you without judgement, but with familial understanding and concern. She actually your favorite aunt and you’re so thankful she’s there. Well, that’s a bit of an over-exaggeration for little Carob, but it’s a sweet picture, and I just want to encourage you to give carob another chance.  Most certainly this recipe can also be made with cocoa/cacao instead of carob – you just replace it 1:1.  But I dare you to give Aunty Carob a go – she won’t disappoint you. 😉   PEAR CASHEW CAROB BANANA CAKE DRY INGREDIENTS: 150g buckwheat flour 100g cashew nut meal (dry roast your cashews and then blitz to fine in a Vitamix or Thermomix or high powered blender) 50g rice flour 50g starch of choice (tapioca starch or potato starch – not cornstarch as it is not FAILSAFE) 30g carob powder 30g mesquite powder (optional – if you omit – increase buckwheat by 30g.  Also I’m not sure of mesquite’s FAILSAFE status. Ostensibly it should be low salicylate as it is a bean, but I’m not entirely sure and as far as I’m aware, there is no chemical analysis data available) 2½ tsp baking powder 3/4 tsp bi-carb soda A good pinch salt. 3 x bananas chopped into small chunks WET INGREDIENTS: 100g oil of choice – if you’re doing the FAILSAFE diet then your choices are either rice bran oil or canola oil 100g maple syrup...

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