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Gluten Free Cooking Workshops

Birdseed Gluten Free Cooking Workshops

Orange Almond Teacake with pomegranate jelly centre

Orange Almond Teacake with Pomegranate Jelly Filling and Raspberry-Tofu frosting

Birdseed offers a range of exciting gluten free cooking workshops that offer the participants an opportunity to learn easy and creative ways to use the bird seed grains in everyday cooking.  The lessons focus on cooking and living gluten free for health, well-being as well as for fun and taste!

Jennifer has been baking and experimenting intensively with the bird seed grains for nearly 10 years and developed a range of practical skills and knowledge that can be used in everyday baking and meal preparation.

Danish Pastry Pear Cake

Healthy Raspberry Danish Pastry Cake

In these classes Jennifer generally looks at how the individual grains and seeds can be ground, baked and  cooked to created delicious sweets and savouries. Topics such as gluten free baking techniques and flour blending hints are also offered to help participants develop strong and independent gluten free baking skills. Birdseed also offers specialty classes that cover specific baking techniques or products.

Buckwheat Donuts

Buckwheat Donuts with Assorted Glaze

The classes include a delicious Birdseed catered afternoon tea or supper. Workshop locations are varied, and can be organised at a venue at sites around the state or interstate.

Please see our Birdseed Gluten Free Workshop Page for more details. Or call Jennifer on 6343 3002 or email

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