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Pear, Vanilla and Cashew Cake (FAILSAFE)

Posted on Sep 12, 2015 in Blog, Sweet Tweets | 2 comments

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I love easy cakes! Don’t get me wrong – I love baking. I love the thrill of creating something new and quirky and delicious (sometimes!). And I love playing with my bird seed flours and seeing what they can do. They always surprise and thrill me. But I’m time-poor too and sometimes you just need a cake that you can smash out in and have it all bundled into a pretty tin ready to take to your get-together in a little over an hour! Yep, an hour!

This is a delicious cake and so easy to make. It’s a great treat for anyone – and especially beaut for those of us who want or who need to watch our salycilate intake. Having done the RPHA FAILSAFE diet three times now, I am so thankful that pears and cashews are not off limits. They’re such a great combination for baking. Cashews add a creamy smoothness and richness to cake mixes. Even with the cashew limitations for the diet, a little cashew goes a long way.

Pears add such a charming sweetness to a cake and are superior to apples in many ways; one being that they don’t ferment as quickly as apples. I find (and it might be just me, so take this with a grain of salt) that after a couple of days, cakes made with fresh apples have a faint smell of mould or ferment. Anyone else noticed this? But I don’t find the same thing with pears. Odd, ain’t it!

Ideally some roasted steamed or tinned pearswould be the way forward for this cake. But I reckon that you could achieve the same with fresh pears.


130g pear – Approximately 1 1/2 pears (steamed or roasted or stewed. Don’t add water to the stewing, as you really don’t want your pear too wet. If you’re using fresh pear put the quarters into the food processor to blitz or grate.

100g oil rice bran oil or light olive oil if you can find low-salycilate.

80g maple syrup or rice malt syrup

80g rice milk

150g GF flour (I used 70g buckwheat, 50g rice flour, 30g tapioca starch)

50g cashews (I roasted mine before using, but this isn’t necessary – just gives a nice piquant to the cake)

2 tsp baking powder

3 tsp vanilla

Pre-heat oven to 175oC

  1. Chuck everything into a food processor.
  2. Pulse until everything is combined and cashews are chopped up.
  3. This is where you’ll need to be a little “hmmm”. Is it too wet or a bit thick and gloopy? Too wet – add a little flour. Too thick – add a little more rice milk.
  4. Your mix should be thick, but not stiff. Too stiff and it won’t rise nicely. Too wet and it’ll be heavy and take forever to cook. You want a thickish mix. (I really must make a video for these recipes as it’s so hard to explain what I mean!!)
  5. Pop into a greased and lined tin. I used a smallish 12cm square tin or a 10cm round tin. It’s not a big cake and will make around 8 cupcakes.
  6. Either place thin pear slices on top or sprinkle with poppy seeds and sugar and chopped cashews once it’s out of the oven.
  7. Cook for around 35 – 45 mins for a large cake, until the skewer comes out clean. Or 25 mins for smaller cakes.

Enjoy! And here’s to easy cakes that are good for everyone and every tum! 🙂





  1. Hi there!
    Just wondering if you can omit the nuts altogether? If yes, what would you need to replace it with please? Searching for failsafe, egg-, nut-, dairy- & Gluten-free is so tricky!!
    Thanks very much!

    • Helll Kim.

      Thanks for your questions and apologies for not replying sooner. You can just omit the cashews altogher and increase your flour by 50g. Or you could roast 50g another grain such as millet or buckwheat that are FAILSAFE, and blitz into a course meal to give a textural variance in the cake. I love millet meal in cakes – it’s a bit like polenta in texture once blitzed. I’m playing a lot with tiger nuts at the moment. They are NOT a nut, but the tuber of a grass seed and make the best meal for use in cakes and bikkies. However, I really don’t know what their failsafe status would be – you may have to do a bit of hunting. I hope this helps. I do have more FAILSAFE, nut, dairy, egg, GF recipes – but need to get them up on the blog. There’s just not enough hours in the day!!!

      Have a great day.


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