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Birdseed’s Recipe Blog is a reflection of my crazy kitchen antics. Through my own health journey and questions/challenges posed to me by friends and customers, I’ve pushed the boundaries of traditional baking and cooking to develop a range of recipes that cover many common allergens, as well foods that people may wish to avoid, such as refined sugars, dairy, eggs and nuts. That’s not to say, I don’t have a great range of sweet recipes that make use of conventional ingredients and methods – I do!  However, one common feature of Birdseed’s recipes is that they are ALWAYS gluten free, plant based and delicious. 🙂

Please feel free to send me your recipe development ideas and requests, and I’ll do my best to conjure up some Birdseed magic:


I’m also working on TWO recipes books which I hope will be available as an E-book and also as a hard cover book. The first will be Birdseed Cafe Favorites: Recipes from the Birdseed Kitchen. It will include over 25 of the most popular recipes that I developed in the formative years of Birdseed, and then sold in the Birdseed Cafe and distributed to wholesale clients. The other book will be Birdseed Magic: Baking Delicious Tweets with Unusual Ingredients. The focus of this book will be the elimination of allergy specific ingredients and the utilisation of more unusual ingredients to create dreamy tweets to suit everyone and every tum.

Please feel free to browse my Recipe Blog, and I hope that my recipes inspire and encourage you to play, create and magic up tweets of your own.

J xx


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