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Sprouted Buckwheat Arancini

Posted on Feb 14, 2016 in Blog, Mains | 2 comments

Buckwheat Arancini 5

I’m a perpetual over-sprouter. Whenever I sprout, I always do too much and then have containers of rogue sprouts sitting in the fridge that I can’t get through fast enough before they start to ferment. When I’m in the zone, I turn them into breads, or if I’m mindful, I throw them into brekkie dishes, muffins or stir-frys. But I’m not always on top of things and feel so cross with myself then I realise that I’ve wasted health-loving sprouts because of my lack of fridge organisation.

Such was the case this week when I spouted buckwheat to make some healthy Coco Pops. I used around 300g, but I had a hearty cup of sprouts left. So into the fridge they went with my usual thought, “oh, I’ll be able to use them in…..”, knowing full well that come next weekend, I’ll be turfing them into the compost for the chickens and worms to enjoy.

So last night I was feeling like something hearty. I’d been feasting on massaged green salads for a week as a celebration of the gorgeous summer weather and making the most of my market haul from The Old School Farm stand. So I did a fridge hunt – spare rice, sprouted buckwheat, tomato passata….and it got me thinking. Arancini – yum!! Just what I felt like. Rich, hearty, filling and nourishing – and I could use up the lovely buckwheat sprouts and spare rice I had floating around.

Buckwheat Arancini 4


(Feeds 2 to 4 depending upon your serving size and appetite ­čśë This meal served my family of 4 – that’s two small eater ┬áand two big eaters)

1 red onion, finely chopped

2 to 6 cloves garlic, finely chopped (amount is to taste depending upon the garlic potency and your garlic preferences)

1 medium potato or sweet potato, grated

Splash of white/red wine

1 large carrot, grated

1/2 to 3/4 cup cooked rice – arborio rice is great as it will stick better, but medium grain brown/white rice will work OK.

1  to 1 and 1/2 cup sprouted buckwheat grouts

2 to 4 Tbsp flour of choice (I used buckwheat, but chick pea flour is also good)

Harissa to taste – I used around 3 Tbsp of my home made harissa – but it was quite mild in heat, but very flavoursome.

Opt: Squeeze of lemon – if the harissa is a bit flat.

1 large Tbsp nut butter of choice or tahini

1 large Tbsp smokey paprika

Salt and pepper to taste

HEAT OVEN to 180oC


In a heavy frypan, saute onion and garlic until softened. Add grated potato and paprika. Keep the mix moving to stop it sticking and as the potato starts to soften deglaze the pan with a splash of wine or water or ACV. Drop heat to a medium heat. Add carrot and rice and keep it moving. As the ingredients cook and heat through, add the harissa, salt and pepper to taste. If you’re not happy with the taste – add a squeeze of lemon – it usually brings things together and commercial, dried harissa can be a bit flat compared with homemade.

Remove from heat and spoon into a bowl. Add sprouted buckwheat and flour to thicken a little. Season further if you need to.

Clean out fry pan and add enough EVOO to cover the base to the pan. Set to a medium heat.

Pour pasta sauce or passata into an oven-proof dish and set aside.

Grab a small handful of the mix and S Q U E E E E E E Z E ┬áto create a ┬áround. Place into the heated oil. Continue creating arancini rounds and place into oil. Allow to brown on one or two sides for 3 – 5 mins and gently turn (the rounds might be a bit easy to break – that why you need to give them a good squeeze to form a ball and add some flour in to provide some glue. Using arborio rice will also help them stick.

Once brown transfer the rounds to a oven-proof dish with the tomato sauce. Fill the oven proof dish with cooked arancini balls┬áand place into the oven. Cook for around 15mins uncovered, then cover with foil and cook for a further 10 – 15 mins.

Serve with a luscious┬ásummer salad. I served them with cos lettuce salad boats – filling the lettuce with salady bits and placing the arancini on top and eating sang choi bao style.

Enjoy and let me know what you think. Tweet! ­čÖé


Buckwheat Arancini 3


  1. I love these arancini balls Jennifer! I’m often guilty of sprouting too much and not using the sprouts fast enough too – this is such a creative way to use buckwheat sprouts (really got to try those healthy Coco Pops too!). I’m off to browse the rest of your blog now – I had been browsing on my phone but I find things easier to navigate on the computer, so I’ll be able to take a better look now ­čśÇ

    • Thank you so much, Kyra. You’ll probably agree with me when I said the blog and site is a bit clunky – plus now that I’ve closed the business, I’m not really sure what the focus of the site is….I’m trying to re-group, but the assignments have my focus at the moment. I have so many blog posts saved as drafts, but not published as I haven’t had a chance to put the photos in. That takes 3 times longer than writing the post. I really need to find ways to speed up this process, because it makes blogging into a not very appealling process. Anyway, enough grumbles. Thank you for stopping by.

      J xxx

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